Youth and Children

Freshwaters has a real heart for Children and Young People and we take seriously our responsibility, along with parents, to disciple our children and young people.

Sunday meetings

We believe it is important for children and Young People to feel part of the family and to learn to take part in our meetings from an early age.  We have an area where children can learn and play, facilitated by a member of Freshwaters and any willing parents!

Young People 11-16 (Secondary School) - Youth Squad

We seek to support and encourage our Young People in exploring what they believe and how they can grow as disciples of Jesus.  We do this by listening to the things that are important to the Young People, praying for them and encouraging them to pray for one another.  Teaching them the values of the Kingdom of God from the bible and through a variety of creative ways and playing games which introduce an element of fun while also encouraging them to knit together as a group.

Youth Squad meets once every 2 weeks on a Friday evening, We also organise one off trips and activities for the young people to attend.