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I went to Purford Green Junior School in Harlow, and later to Brays Grove Comprehensive. I left Brays Grove in 1972, with 7 GCE O levels and 1 A level. None of which I can prove, as I have lost all of my certificates.

After leaving school, I was very naive regarding spiritual matters.

And I did something that was unbelievably stupid...


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My entry into the world in 1960 was on a plastic table cloth on my Grandmother’s bed. Born to a mother in prostitution and a father who had been imprisoned for fraud. I was unloved and unwanted, the next 10 years of my life were with my violent Grandmother and depraved Grandfather. Food was scarce and fear of each grandparent was a constant. (I would try and work out on my fingers, how long they had to live before they died!) My sister and I were made to walk to church unaccompanied every Sunday. I found church boring but the highlight was stealing pop and sweets...


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When asked to write my testimony on what happened in my life WITHOUT Jesus, what it was like and what it’s like now WITH Jesus, it is without a doubt the easiest YES I have ever given.

But it wasn’t always the case Unless it benefitted me, a couple of years ago I would have said yes, but knew all along I had no intention of 'wasting my time'...

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Heather Lewis's Story

I was born in 1956, a daughter of a TV/radio engineer and shop owner. I had a generally good childhood. Dad never commented or showed any interest in God, but Mum always said she was a Christian - she had awards for 100% attendance at Sunday school to prove it! However, despite them encouraging, on the whole, decent morals, they never saw the need to go to church nor encourage me to go to Sunday school.


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I was not brought up in a Christian home, although my parents would have considered themselves Christians or ‘Church of England’ like most of their contemporaries in England at that time.

My first understanding of Christianity which was anything more than a label came from Sister Julia, who prayed for us boys and did her best to point us in the direction of God.  I cannot remember much taking root, however, I am sure that her prayers contributed to my eventual decision to follow Jesus.



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My story begins in a small village in Essex, where I grew up believing in God, but did not have a personal knowledge of Him. As a family we went to Sunday School in the chapel, and we were one of the few families whose parents came along to the service which followed. The Jesus I grew up with was “gentle Jesus, meek and mild”.






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